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Hey, y'all. I'm Holly.

I've always loved to dig thru old photo albums. The history and nostalgia give me this warm and fuzzy feeling that I can't quite explain. All of the laughs, tears, and memories that are brought on by those old photographs have led me to where I am today.

I want you to look back at these photos and remember how your children fit in your lap; the way they snuggled up next to you, close enough to smell the scent of their hair. In 50 years I want you to remember a time before age set in, when you and your love looked at each other with such passion in your eyes.

Those are the moments you don't want to let go of. Your realness. Your rawness.


That's all I want when I'm behind the lens.

Holly D. Photography is a natural-light photographer based in Germantown, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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